April 06, 2008

"at home" opening

the fabulous band!, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Click through the photo to my flickr set to see some of the fun and more of the art from our opening at artstream on Friday night. What a fabulous turn out, wonderful music by the Chris Bernuolli band and just a great time.
Thanks all! All of the work is going into the shop this week, but there are a lot of pieces we still have to photograph. If you have a request for a piece that you see, please don't hesitate to email me!


kelly barton art + design said...

wow....looks like an amazing time and show! i dig jess' artwork, and i justsent megan's link to my dad. he has a wheel in his shed. so i know he will love her work. great artists! thanks forsharing.
i am really wishing i lived close.

muchacha K handmade said...

It doesn't get much cooler than having live music in your gallery :)

Congrats on a great event!

angela said...

oh darling you. i still can't believe its been five years. and so much has happened for you, the both of you and the girls, the gallery and simply life. a most perfect reason to celebrate!

i just looked at all the photos on flickr. so wish i could have been there. and i adore rebecca litt's work. and the photo of her with her work. what a smile.

and i found you too. so good to see you and you're looking wonderful too!

august get here soon...

hugs and kisses my dear!