April 04, 2008

Almost there ...

hanging, fixing, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Without any further ado - here are some scenes (click through to flickr) from the last few days at artstream. There are still some goodies to make some final touches, but we are getting close to count down to tonight. Yes, snow is flying again, but it's a silly spring snow... lost from it's mother season, teasing us in the air and melting as it hits the ground.
I'll let the photos do the talking and full disclosure on the event at flickr tonight and next week in the shop and here at art esprit! Thanks to everyone who has called, emailed and dropped by, your support is wonderful!


KT Mo Design Studio said...

This spaceand the work looks fabulous...congrats and every success! only wish I was able to pay a visit!

Anonymous said...

Your gallery space looks great. Have a wonderful opening with lots of red dots! I love your new series for the little solo show.