March 22, 2006

"Blizzard" (the original)
9" x 12" monotype
Susan Schwake-Larochelle

So there you have it, Corey!

The work was sold and well,
when I think of it now and again,
I sort of miss it. But that is art.
You make it, you move on.

The word for the day is ... ponder ... as in a moment of quiet, an idea, or perhaps a purchase!


Anonymous said...

Ponder...hmmmm... I am wondering if I can get my craft room up and running this weekend. I want to have a quiet weekend at home. No friends no dates. Just me, M the bf and Toby the kitty cat.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Ah Thanks for listing it here!! I prefer these colors. A constant letting go, is that how it is to sell art? I do not think I would want someone to change the color and add words to my art that difficult for you?

Susan Schwake said...

Sometimes when you make a piece of art you know you are not going to hang it in your own home. Those for me go on a portfolio disc and are part of my body of work for selling.
The monotype was one I did in a series of twelve which I submitted to Boreal for review. They are a kind and thoughtful publisher who let me do the recolor on my computer first to see how I felt about it, and then published the orignial inside the cover flap with my name. So it worked out for me. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than having someone else love my work enough to purchase it and have it in their home or to use it in someway like a book or CD cover to promote something I belive in.
Gil Courtemanche's book was a wonderful documentary/novel about the struggle in Rwanda opening up many minds and hearts to the situation there.
It made me proud to be part of that.