March 21, 2006

Just another little piece of me
out there in the world...
This was a monotype I did in 2000, entitled "Blizzard"
In the original, the ink I used was silver and black. It was depicting a full blown blizzard from history, when they tied ropes from house to barn to find their way to tend to the livestock and not wander out into storm.
Due to the nature of this book, being about Rwanda, they asked permission to recolor it to a pool- like turquoise. (most likely to loose the blizzard look ... )

I was more than thrilled to accommodate them as they were reprinting the original version inside with my name as well. It was a great experience which I owe all to Agnes! Merci beaucoup ma petite chou! The book went into 8 editions and was a big hit for this French Canadian author. I was happy to be part of it all and so glad the book was a really good read as well.

The word for the evening is ... enchanted ... as in this evening and the ones we've spent with Agnes and Frederic.


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Congratulations! Do you have an example of the original color you used?

angela said...

oh darling... you know how i feel about this. so so so proud of you. and i hope, something that will happen again and again. for the both of us.

absolutely enchanting. that's what this truely is...

and especially, to have been a part of such a powerful, honest book.

and you used one of my favourite french words in this...

ma petit chou!

my small cauliflower... i so love the way those words wrap and feel on the tongue.



Susan Schwake said...

thanks for your kind words ladies...
yes, i have a copy of the orignial somewhere and will poke around for it.
agnes, is a dear friend transplanted from paris to montreal with said husband fredric ... we joked around with our french phrases and call each other little cabbages and chou chous (among other things...)