September 19, 2014

Journal Pages

channeling Art Retreat Camp (swim cover at Mayhew Island) 
I have been asking my students to keep painting in their journals and to use up left over paint to be motivated to start - (always so Yankee of a notion).  Here is my first page spread in a new composition book that I started just this week. I have the greatest of intentions to keep it rolling! What do your journal pages hold for you? Do you paint each day in them?

September 17, 2014

Art for All Seasons -- my new book!

Available for preorder now everywhere books are sold! Published by Two Little Birds Books

 I could not be more excited to share the good news with you all! My newest book is the first in a series called Kids Art by Two Little Birds Books. It is filled to the brim with ideas inspired by the four seasons and some of my absolute favorite artists on the planet! Stay tuned here this month and next for some peeks - launch dates - and give aways surrounding Art for All Seasons!

September 14, 2014

After You - an Ekphrastic Art Exhibit

Our latest exhibit at artstream included 3 artists (I was one of them) and 3 poets. This is our fourth exhibit here at artstream and one of the most exciting! All the work is collage based and the poems are as varied from Tanka to free verse. Worth a stop in to see and read! All of the artwork is online too! Below are two of my pieces - I was paired up with Jessica Purdy who is an incredible muse!
Grackles in March
Thin Ice

July 23, 2014


Photo shoots for Art for All Seasons
Bumper crop of peonies!
Vermont treasures ...

Gardening squeezed in ...
So it's been awhile ... Rainer and I have been working hard on finishing my fourth book. Photo shoots, edits, styling, kids in action. All good stuff. But no time for blogging. So above and below are scenes from the last months adventures. Now on to summer! (below is a shot from our weekend in Vermont.. stopped by our friends farm Harlow Farm  in Westminster, VT

May 13, 2014

Five good things!

my window boxes on our poetry shed
Time for five good things today - celebrations are always in order, why not on a Tuesday? Here's my top five for today ... what are yours?

1. I have brilliant and amazing friends: 
More than I can count on one hand ..all of whom I am thankful for!

2. We created an Art {retreat} Camp which is a deeply unique and absolutely fantastic. Check it out!

3. My students continue to amaze me and inspire me!

4. I am writing my fourth book and deeply grateful for the opportunity to do so - with such great kids!

5,  My first book: Art Lab for Kids continues to be a best seller and sold in five languages - after two years in the world!
Five things to celebrate today!

May 05, 2014

What she said

selfie in Brooklyn (last week) feeling 35

We always laughed with my mother when she said "Age, it's only a number" She was right though - the older I get the more I feel the same. Does the number correlate to what's inside? Not always... rarely and sometimes. What do you think?

May 02, 2014

May Basket tutorial

Cut a circle of any size out of wallpaper or other heavyweight paper. Use straight or wavy edged scissors. Create scallops if you want to get fancier! You may also start with a half circle and skip the next step.

Cut a wedge out of the circle

Wrap the circle into a cone shape

Staple the cone at the seam

Admire your cone!

Cut a second circle to cone shape for a liner.  I used vellum, but any paper works! Doilies are wonderful additions!

From the remaining paper or another coordinating paper cut a hanfle.

Staple the handle on to the cone.

Voila! You can tie a ribbon on the basket or punch holes around the edge and thread ribbon through.

Fill with flowers, candy, pussy willows and hang on a friend's door knob, ring the bell, and run! 

May 01, 2014

May Day!

Happy happy May Day! My favorite day in Spring! When we were little my mother would take us to the hardware store and get a wallpaper sample book. Then we would buy candy and pick flowers such as violets from our yard and the occasional daffodil and assemble our "May Baskets". We would then take them to friend's houses and hang them on their doorknobs, ring the bell and RUN like mad. It was a great tradition - one that I would like to revive at least here at the blog. Later today I will post a May Basket with directions so you can celebrate May Day with me. They can even be delivered on May 2nd without any negative effects.... Happy Spring!