March 22, 2006

Go to a Museum!
One of the 10 best kept secret museums in the world (ARTNEWS said a couple of years ago) is the Insel Hombroich near the lovely city of Dusseldorf, Germany. I have been twice now and can not wait to go again. It defies explanation, but I will try.
It is a series of beautifully designed buildings set into many acres of conservation land complete with gardens, ponds and of course the rivers around it making it the Insel or island that it is. It also houses some sculptors, one which we met working on his carved stone sculptures lining a pathway. Here I am looking at one of the larger pieces on display in it's own building made just for Norbert Tadeusz's Pause I and Pause II. In another building there are pencil drawings and etchings from Cezanne, Klimt, and a dozen more, unmarked, carefully placed works in a room which being a triangle ends in a point. There are beautiful ancient Nordic carvings alongside fabulous original Bauhaus furniture and textiles, which are next to ancient Asian stone carved goddesses. The collection of Calder stabiles is astounding. There are no guards watching your every move, no name tags to inform you of the works. It is a challenge for you. No, it is not a game, it is less distracting for you ... tt engages all of your senses at one time , by walking over rivers on Japanese foot bridges. Passing then, through beautiful blooming hydrangea gardens to a small grove of trees which bend down to the ground. They wait for you with tiny bistro tables to take your wine or tea at underneath the boughs. Simple and perfect! Want to see more photos? You may come over to my house and I will bore you for hours, or click here for their site of the shorter version! Ja, ja it is in German, but you can manage the little orange arrows to scroll! Then just get a ticket and go! This is a real destination.

The word for the evening is ... content ... like a walk in the woods to find art, a fine feeling after a good day of work, or a nice cozy relationship.


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Thanks for the art tip! the photo is full of light and the painting seems to never end...creativity tapped can feel like this too--Soaring!

Susan Schwake said...

it is worth the trip this tip!
yes, creativity tapped can feel like soaring! so well said corey!

Anonymous said...

Museums are a font of inspiration... and a good place to go when dry... Lovely.