February 15, 2006

Manhattan Bridge
by Richard Rosenblatt
To sit at the edge of the Promenade in Brooklyn looking out into Manhattan, with someone you love next to you is a wonderful thing. Oh! an extention of yesterday? I think so. After all the world can use a bit more love, right?

Brooklyn is a very romantic place to me. This is where my husband and I met for the first time sitting viewing a similar site.

Richard has captured the beauty of this span with oils in a large painting which brings you a little closer to a perspective which makes you feel small and warm and wonderful all at the same time. Close to humanity and industry with a raw dash of nature thrown in. That is Brooklyn to me. That along with dear friends at the Melting Pot, eating jerk chicken at Brawta, strolling along Atlantic Avenue, hurrying off the Javitz in Manhattan at an early hour with Tammy and Nancy to sell our lines of children's clothing, and having three too many cocktails at the corner of Dean and Bond and then stumbling back to Dean sitting on beautiful brownstone stairs to chat until the sun comes up.
Of course not when it looked like Richards other painting below ... then it was coffee in the back kitchen looking out to the garden. Can you see I can't wait to go for another visit?
Below is another season in Brooklyn of Pacific Ave blanketed with snow. Richard has captured it again. Brooklyn in all of it's beauty. We have his paintings now and again at artstream and he is available at the above link as well in Provincetown, MA. We love his work and find that he consistantly brings out the best of all places he depicts.

The word for the day is ... glow ... as in the setting sun, the electric lightbulb,
and your inner beauty.

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Anonymous said...

Pacific Street . . .Beautiful. I feel cold just looking at it.