February 14, 2006

"Walking through Paris" by Angela Gwinner.
What could be more appropriate today, February 14th -- than that? (did you forget?)

This is a hauntingly romantic photograph to me. I am a total softie on this day of all days. Love is in the air creating soft mist in the background and showing us that even in the deep of winter's cold that it can melt our freezing hearts.

This photograph is one of many which Angela has captured in cities in Europe. Venice, London, Frankfurt appear with an intimate view of people in everyday life enjoying the streets and cafes of their famous cities. But it is a day in the life, with an eye on the intimate which draws the viewer in. She has a keen sense of composition and knows how to make you feel part of the photograph. Her limited edition (5) photographs are framed out to 16 by 20 in museum mats and black gallery frames. Angela is not only a photographer extrodinare, but owned a gallery in the Black Forest of Germany where my husband and I met her during OUR honeymoon three years ago... (See photo below of our somewhere in the Black Forest photo) and now is the owner of a whimsical wonderful line of jewelry and clothing called omondieu! Her works are a statement of love of her art and as a European herself, she knows what she is capturing first hand. Affordable? You bet, $150 so you can gift yourself and your valentine. Visit us at artstream to veiw a few more and stop in for the real thing.

The word for today is of course ... LOVE ... it's all you need.


Anonymous said...

life is so great with love!

angela said...

oh. you just made me feel wonderfully happy. and blushing here.

wishing you a happy happy valentines day my dear!