February 16, 2006

Kim Wintje has spent more than 20 years making sculpture. Incorporating many fabric techniques, she uses recycled metal, wire, and paint, to create wall mounted sewn metal sculptures about pollution, habitat loss, complacency, human rights, extinction, and many other environmental and political issues.

This piece is called "Caught in the Crosshairs",
Saadam Hussein ...

Kim sews together pieces of metal flashing and creates these tin toy like serious sculptures. I am in awe of her keeping her hands in one piece as they are so intricate as well as sharp edged in both construction and wit. Which I feel is good. Kim uses her powers for good not evil. Her time is spent helping the viewer connect with something much larger than what they stepped up to the wall to inspect. The first glance is Ohhh, toy like painted antique little bit of something sweet. Then you get closer. You relate the sculptures on the wall with the images you see in your head emblazoned from the screen, the book or newspaper you just read or perhaps the latest rag. Slowly it sinks in and makes you accountable for what is going on in the world - or has happened. Which, as the lady depicted below, who cloned the phrase said: "It's a Good Thing"
I have lists of artists that I admire and then there are the ones at the top. Kim is at the top. Here is what was written about an exhibit, which we had her work included in, in October/November of 2004. It includes my favorite piece of hers "The day we saw the Edge of the Earth" Go look. The show was attended by many and the photos we have of the opening are all here at our photo gallery site at artstream.

This one is called "Corporate Greed Exhales" Martha
(part of the Bad Girl series)

The word for today is ... responsibility ... like in our actions, our thoughts and our deeds

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