July 05, 2011

Art Fairs

This weekend on Sunday, daughter Chloe packed her wares and headed to Strawberry Banke for her first fully realized (read: all by herself) open air art fair. OK, I did drive and help her set up. But otherwise it was all her. She made jewelry, gocco printed moleskines, her fabulous ceramic wares and a few hand designed clothing articles. Pretty sweet! She did quite well and was very professional with her business cards, printed bags and sweet packaging. She will be back at the open market on July 17th, so if you missed it, stop by on the 17th! Pretty proud here of her... hey - her Etsy shop is opening this week and you can like her on Facebook too!


Cally said...

Bravo Chloe! My first crafty sale was much less professional (sitting on a jacket on the side of the street with earrings on a fabric covered board) so I'm very impressed indeed.

Susan, great to see your creative streak continuing through the genes.

Ziba said...

Hello Susan, My eye caught this post on Strawberry Banke NH. I've been there, my family lives in NH. Such lovely and beautiful images of your daughter..
I am delighted to have discovered and now follow your blog via fb networkedblogs.
SeaGal (Ziba)..

Susan Schwake said...

hello cally! and thanks for the kind words.. she is working so hard at it!
and ziba, so nice to meet you... thanks for stopping by!