January 20, 2011

Will you be my valentine?

I just *love* Valentine's day. What is better than a holiday devoted to love? Nada. Forget all the "expectations" and who-ha. Just think LOVE. That in itself is candycoated, red, lacy and racy as well as all you need. In that vein each year I make valentines to sell, to share and to give away. Here is the beginning of the process. I just. can't. help. myself. This one and some others are over at my etsy. More to come there, here and in gallery shop too!

1 comment:

jill nalette said...

it's so true. love is one of the best feelings that we can share with not only for ourselves, but with others! i think your a sweet treat everyday of the week : )
hope to see you soon!
xo and smiles~ jill