March 01, 2010

Hello March!

Welcome to almost-spring-it's-a-frozen-then-thawed-mudfest here in NH. I must admit, March is not my favorite month, but this year I am going to embrace it and mold it to my will. Yes, a good pair of rainboots and a smile each day if I can muster it will be a big help.
Vacationing the last week of February (which of course is a great runner up to the worst month of the year - saved only by the Olympics for me this time around) helped me get on top of a few pressing items here at chez Schwake which were lingering menaces.
Like getting the curtains finished for our winter bedroom. Fabulous idea - four months in the making. But up now and making me very happy... no drafts in our room...and the illustrated Marimeko Kalevala surrounds us! (not that we are the remotest bit Finnish!)
And sorting out the backsplash tile situation for the almost-not-quite-done kitchen. It's down to these three contenders. And some cheery wallpaper for the top half of the wall perhaps?
Frolicking in Boston with the teen at the Museum of Science - experiencing the butterfly room was heavenly on the most grey day of the week last week!
The teen bean and I also had a marathon shopping trip which almost killed me as I am not a shopper, but we managed to have a lot of fun and get the items we needed. So good overall.
Lots of home cooking went down in the kitchen too. Go over here to make some fabulous stock which you can simply down as is or add more good things to at will!Justify Full
Thursday we played in the mudroom with Megan all afternoon making wall pieces. Chloe's is incredible. Photos will come later. Mine shown is ho-hum at this stage, but has promise.
And oh those Olympics. I am not a sport-o at all, but I just love the Olympics. Right down to the surreal closing ceremonies! Wasn't Neil Young his fabulous self? Inflatable mounties gave me some wild dreams last night, but besides that horror, it was a great time in Vancouver!
Looks like March will be taking it's normal course here - starting off mighty grey - but please, dear month o March, do not serve us any more rain!
Happy Monday! New show information on the heels of this diatribe.

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