December 15, 2009

Peace, Love, Joy and Art!

This past weekend we took a page from Amanda Woodward's book and made our clients some granola. Oh the yumminess of it all. We started out with a little snow flying outside, mixing ingredients, sipping tea, stirring the liquid gold, popping the cranberries and nuts in the pan -- and then it really started to sleet. Messy horrible ice pellets. I took one peek outside and told MJ I had to buzz home. I don't mind snow driving but the ice storms? You can have them. So with granola in the oven, I said my farewells to Mary Jo and left it in her hands. It came out splendidly - save for one pan, and well, after the gocco session on the bags, we tied them up with ribbons and tags and have been delivering the said joy packages of granola-y goodness to all. Shipping some of course too! What have you been baking these days?

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