November 16, 2009

In the yard

Keeping with the nonart posts today -- hope you don't mind! I had to steal a little photo of the castoff watering can with the dried on the plant silverfloss. It just got me in the mood for November. And that is saying a whole lot. I am not a fan of November. But this year I am. The warm days and very little grey has pushed all my outdoor buttons into high gear. It's so pretty. It's so warm. It's so September just in time for Thanksgiving. Which really really really is my favorite holiday of them all. What did you find outside today?


susanna said...

I'm enjoying this month, too. It's the quieting of the seasons just before the flurry of the holidays. I walked in the park today - it's been weeks since I last did that - and took pleasure in seeing red berries on bare trees and orange leaves floating like a boat down the middle of canal.

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely :)