August 19, 2009

currywurst and pommes rot/weiss

A fun little stop on one of our bike journeys in Germany. Curry Wurst and Pommes (french fries) rot/weiss (catsup and mayo) are not for the faint of heart. But yummy none the less.
We landed last night back in NH and enjoying the sunshine and trying to get our head around being back at work.
That's all the energy for now - but click through the photo if you would like to see more of our trip. I still have "one reel" ha ha ha left on my digi plus some great videos which will have to upload somewhere at some point.
Enjoy the summer-ness which is today!


red-handed said...

Awesome. This looks like an outtake from some modernist version of Alice's tea party. Welcome home!

Rita Vindedzis said...

It all looks very yummy. Happy you had a great trip. Yes it's hard sometimes to get out of vacation mode. Looking forward to our show together.

pat said...

Welcome home. Glad to know you are in the neighborhood again. When you are settled, let's do lunch.