December 02, 2008

Melanie Ford Wilson :: a mushroom gatherer

A side path taken:: a walk in the woods with Melanie. Exploring the small ways - today I read her post here and realized that I really do love mushrooms. I mean in a passionate way. We used to go "mushrooming" as a family when I was small. I always loved being in the woods and finding them made me feel like it was Easter all over again. Melanie has brought these little wonders to a state of high art with her photographs. Go take a peek!


angela said...

oh that sounds wonderful...

there's something just simply wonderful, beautiful, about walks in the woods. and walking on paths when you feel that it's only you and this piece of the world is meant to be discovered by you.

just reading this made me feel, like i need to go for a walk, in the woods, and if only just to breath again.

hope all is well my dear...



Anonymous said...

O Susan! You make me so happy, you know that! I love that you love my mushrooms!!! I assure you. they love you right back!

xo Mel