June 23, 2008

Summer has begun...

It is seemingly a fleeting moment here in NH but summer is well appreciated by all for months to come. Like Fredrick, in the classic children's tale by Leo Lioni we save the warm memories for the deep dark days of February.
In this spirit of remembering what is around us at all times, the above print made by the fabulous Christine over at the darling shoppe. It is $25 and the proceeds go to help her to attend Squam Art Workshops right here in NH. I love the message and the theme it comes from. Here are Christine's words about the print:
Look Up is my debut True*Stories art print, featuring an original and inspiring drawing and story by yours truly. It reads:

"we don't spend enough time looking up," he said.

"i know," i said
& pointed my head upward.

just then, i saw a balloon floating toward the sun. it was a sign.

I hope we all see the signs today...

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Unknown said...

Bravo pour ce nouveau site !!!
Je m'aime beaucoup sa publication, recevez une forte embrassade, merci beaucoup.