June 25, 2008

Scoop of life

This week has already proven to be filled with adventure and summer splendiferous-ness. Big party for 14 yr. old Chloe on Monday, packing and shipping a lot of artwork to live in new exciting places, fun little workshops with kids and adults and packing for aforementioned teen to bustle off to summer camp this weekend. Squeezing in the hanging of an inaugural show at a new off site location in town ( a new huge wing of our local hospital has opened and they put in a small gallery space which we are curating and maintaining) and some speed weeding of the garden has me looking forward to the weekend. 
I finally got (after three years of waiting and saving) an electric palette for my encaustic painting. no. more. griddle. I have saved it for this weekend to fire it up. Ya - hoo! I have a body of work started in acrylic for the summer painting session and some of the works will translate into encaustic pieces.
What are the scoops about? Well, I think they represent the right number of hands I would love to have right about now in the week... and they are little vintage finds available at my little flohmarkt shop.


Geek+Nerd said...

Hi Susan. Mum and I stopped by the gallery yesterday - I'm sorry that we missed you! Everything looks lovely as usual :)

Anonymous said...

Fun flea-market shop!!!