June 06, 2008

Lisa DeJohn + designsponge

lisa dejohn @ design sponge guestblogging us, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.
Lisa DeJohn
stopped in this week at artstream to interview us for her guest blogging at design sponge. It is always great to see Lisa as she is not only a wonderful artist, but a truly nice person. We talked for quite awhile and she took a lot of photos - but I never imagined such a comprehensive write up as she did on us. Thank you so much Lisa!


Cally said...

ooh, i'll head over right now and read it, i like to hear others enthuse about people/places/blogs i love! Happy June my sweet xxx

felicakes said...

They did a really good job!! I love it.

Sending you ((HUGGSSS))

Anonymous said...

WHAT AWESOME COVERAGE for you! It is great! Congrats and all the best to you..i hope this spot on d*s brings you so much goodness!