February 04, 2008

Lovely Hearts 2 wrap up

Our New England weather continues to mess with our parties but none the less, a few people braved the weather on Friday night to join us to kick off the month of Lovely Hearts 2. For the rest of you - please visit our online shop or stop by to really get a look at these beautiful pieces! Feel free to grab a badge from the side bar too to help with the cause.
Above is a photo of the evening right around 5 p.m. yeah, it was messy!
Thank you all too for the wonderful comments on Living Beautifully. I am looking forward to going ahead with this project. Lots of goodies to unfold this week, so check back. The folders are bursting at the seams here!


One Crabapple said...

Oh wow ! Brrrr-r-r-r-r !

Only The Brave did show up !


ps.didn't you just have a gallery anniversary ?

Susan Schwake said...

yes! it was really nasty out. sigh!
but lots of online action we hope this month ...
our anni is in April. big bash then too!

{rebecca ann cox} said...

yikes. too cold for me! i'm already turning the heat on once the temperature drops below 50 degrees!

good luck with the etas iii!
hope you sell out of work.