January 08, 2008

Scenes from Seen and Unseen I

judith's large woodcuts in the front.

shot of the opening

amber lavalley

amber and patrons getting an explaination of the sisters

Wall of Judith, sculpture of Adam's

amber lavalley

judith heller cassell

amber and judith

amber lavalley

judith heller cassell + adam pearson

edibeth farrington monotypes
There are so many more shots I have to take today for you all as finally the sun has come out! It's been grey and nasty here for weeks it seems, so today we are finally able to shoot some more. Stay tuned for part II. But as promised here are some shots from our new exhibition.


Angela Wales Rockett said...

The show and your gallery look just wonderful. You do such a great job. Wish I could see it in person.

Susan Schwake said...

oh thank you angela, it's so nice to hear such kind words. it's a lot of work, but a true labor of love.

Camilla said...

I really love the look of Amber's work.

Anonymous said...

Your gallery is so beautiful and you do such a wonderful job with your installations. I love Judiths work....

I have a lovely hearts post up...what a treat to be able to attend one of your openings.


Anonymous said...

Goodness, Susan! This looks like a whole different place than when I was up to visit. Does the atmosphere always change so drastically that it seems like a new place when the exhibits change? At first I was like, "Oh, they moved their gallery." D'uh. :D

Ulla said...

Fabulous work, looks like a fantastic show!!!