December 10, 2007


Nice little write up that I totally missed over at MoCo Loco
Above: Megan Bogonovich's "Reconnoitering" sculpture which we sent (among other fabulous pieces) to Miami for the Fragiles show.
Doing the catch-up thing here, so bear with me. More to come later today on some highlights of the current show you might have overlooked!


Cally said...

what an amazing piece, made me chuckle.

excitedly watching the post re your comment, hee hee, oh, and it was amy's birthday, not mine... i had popped by her blog with birthday wishes last week. but mostly i am missing everyone's birthdays and anniversaries this year - oh the guilt.

the sun came out 10 mins ago, I am thrilled! have a good week susan, hope your bloggy catchup is filling you up with inspiration and the like.

heather smith jones said...

I really like the shape and texture of those round forms. Her work knocks my socks off.

susanna said...

So cool! Wow! This really gets me thinking as to what is happening with this piece. What does it mean?