November 14, 2007

More mapping goodies

If you haven't taken a closer look yet at some of the fine pieces in our Mapping the Way show - well you really should! These little beauties (like the above) are still available at an affordable $40 each! They are so beautiful in person, with tiny messages glowing from within them all.
For something a little larger and much more involved, these pinhole pieces from Heather Smith Jones are so beautiful. Loving each and every one of them on our "blue moon wall."

Sub-Studio also has some prints of the original Seeking Light pen and ink pieces which we are adding to the shop later this week. Email me if you can't wait, we understand... Peek around the shop - ther is a lot of beauty in all the corners!


felicakes said...

I love the one in white. Its so beautiful.

Geek+Nerd said...

Hi Susan! You're in my mom's group for the Handmade Holiday Swap this year! She's so excited, it's her first internet swap ever :)