October 31, 2007

Five Fast ones: Stephanie Levy

I thought it would be fun to ask each of our artists participating in the next exhibit a few quick questions: mini interview style. Over the next few days I will post them. To see more photos of the exhibit pop over to our flickr
Here's Stephanie Levy's five fast ones - Stephanie hails from Munich, Germany:
1. Your name and your business title if you have another name for your work
Stephanie Levy

2. What art do you find really exciting right now?
The last really inspiring art exhibition I visited was an amazing show of Amish quilts at the modern art museum in Munich. Gorgeous colors and textures, incredible craftsmanship, just beautiful.

3. What sort of day is a good art day for you?
A great art day for me would be to have a babysitter!!! and some uninterrupted time to sit in my studio, look out the window, think, create, drink tea, and listen to my favorite music.

4. Do you like working out of your normal medium? if so what do you play with?
I am planning a series of woodcut prints, a new medium for me. I can't wait to get started, just as soon as I get my babysitter lined up...

5. What are you listening to for music currently?
At the moment, I am listening to lots of jazz - Ernest Ranglin, Baden Powell, Grant Green, Miles Davis. I like the music and it helps the baby sleep, which means I have more time to make art :)


heather smith jones said...

oh this photo of Stephanie and her girls is priceless! I'm enjoying meeting the other artists Susan; great idea! :)

Anonymous said...

Love these interviews!! Great idea!!