October 24, 2007

my october porch

my october porch, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Sorry for the short post today, but I am under the weather. As green as the spout on my little orange watering can.
Back tomorrow with some Ashley G surprises, lovely work from the current and upcoming show and maybe something secret too!
Thanks for all that played PIF! Please send me your favorite color and mailing address a..s.a.p!


heather smith jones said...

I hope you feel better tomorrow!

Regina said...

I hope you are feeling better very soon!!!

felicakes said...

(((HUGS)))) Get well soon!!

Anonymous said...

I have this same watering can only mine is red and yellow...love the orange and blue.I love leaves scattered everywhere so, pretty.It's like the woods had a wedding.

Heartful said...

Oh, I love it, the colours are gorgeous. Hope you are better now.