April 30, 2007

Lisa Congdon + {un}Limited

More goodness as promised from the upcoming exhibition! Lisa Congdon has produced some beautiful ink on vintage book pages framed out in black vintage frames for this exhibition. They are all in the shop - so be swift! Beautiful and elegant they are timeless images fashioned in her own unique way. She is one powerhouse artist and we are thrilled to have her in this "blockbuster" show! Friday marks the opening, but the work is ready to buy in the shop now. Go ahead. You know you want to. The exhibitioin has a great range of works from each artist, so there is REALLY something for EVERYONE!
On a personal note:
Thank you all for your kind wishes about my opening last Friday. We had a blast and the show looks really great. A few bad photos are over at my flickr pages. I have another show, coming up this weekend down in Provincetown, MA at the Bowersock Gallery. Nine new paintings to go up there. Happy Monday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on all your new shows. The work at the Bowerstock is wonderful, such rich, intense color!!!

Celeste said...

I love, as I am want to love, the way that she reuses something that would otherwise go to waste! They are lovely in and of themselves, but especially lovely being made on pages from an old book.

One Crabapple said...

oh THAT lisa congdon ! laughing at my question in our notes.

THAT little bird always has wonderful art !

Love, S.

Cally said...

i think this may become a new favourite for me of Lisa's work, so simple. i love pattern and i love work on book pages.