March 25, 2007

Saturday Art

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Saturday marked the 10th year of the permanent children's art exhibit in the Rochester Public Library's children's room. It doesn't seem possible that ten years has flown by - but it has!
The artwork fills the room moving from board books and three and four year olds art up to the easy readers and then finishing with high school work over at the young adult section. It has brought me a great sense of honor to have worked with over a hundred children on this project and now after ten years, updating the work with young artists in 2007.
Today we made foam cut prints and are letting them dry under the "Wall of Monsters"
The children's room has graciously given me this wall to display children's work in a rotating manner (oh yes! another little gallery to curate!) and not only is it a honor to do so, but the students are thrilled!
Daughter Grace was only 8 years old when we did this the first time and today at 18 she helped me out with an extra set of experienced hands! My flickr account has a set of photos from the two weekends of work, if you are interested click here to see the project and the "Wall of Monsters".

The word of the day is... melt ... as in the extra snow we received last night, melting away the cares of the world, and some butter for a batch of muffins.


Anonymous said...

congrats, susan :)

andrea said...

For the couple of years I taught art at the high school level one of my favourite things was to find new, ingenious venues for showing off their artwork. I spent *way* too much time getting it out there just because I figured they needed the strokes. Your library co-operation reminds me of that. 10 years! Excellent!

Susan Schwake said...

andrea - i reall revere children's art and think that it deserves a public venue ... it is a lot of work initally, but over the years it has been admired by so many and continues to inspire me! if it was at a different place all the time, i couldn't manage it. this way i am sort of in a groove ... which makes it work. figuring out a new space each time would be too draining.