February 26, 2007

Rage Regret

rage/regret by kimberly lyford fabric/nails (click to enlarge)
Extreme textiles begins on 3/2. Stay tuned for more unveiling.
This piece is amazing, lifesize, and full of emotion. I don't need to add words. You can do that.
Kimberly Lyford is a textile artist living in Wilder, Vt. Everything she does is with style and perfection to detail. Wait until you see her "quilts" - soon!


Heather said...

Wonderful, I love the emotion from this work...I look forward to seeing more.

Anonymous said...

wow.... nails huh... that is so cool.

Anonymous said...

These are incredible, I would love to see your gallery someday.

Please let me know the final tally for the Lovely Hearts show so I can post it.