February 02, 2007

Bob Houses + Tiny Dwellings

Small dwellings living on frozen lakes, housing mad people who sit and wait for fish to come to their spot on the ice. I am not interested in what happens on the inside. I have always been enamoured with the look of these temporary communities popping up on the lakes around New Hampshire. Obsessed in a way, even. I have dozens of photographs of them from Newfound Lake, when I lived up there. I took this one at Alton Bay on Wednesday this week. Small community of tiny dwellings made from recycled materials, usually. Another painting series emerging from this inspiration, yet again. Last series was in watercolor in 1999. This time it will be on birch wood in acrylic.
On a personal note - Study that photo Edward... remember how cold it is here while you are in the sunny climes! send postcards and bonne chance in Venezuela and Cuba. See you in the spring, we'll miss you!


Anonymous said...

hey grrl.

i love the view askew of these little structures. and i've always wondered what's in them. empty beercans, smelly blankets, dinty moore stew cans?

i would love to see the previous series that you did in 1999.

glad the little bowl arrived safely. it's one of my favorites. my lovely hearts should arrive at your door within the next few days.

Susan Schwake said...

ah yes! i can't wait to see susanna's photos of the canadian ice shacks! i JUST read her entry and went, whoa! same wave length..

i wish i could show you those 1999 photos... i sold all the works and never even took a photo of them! bad artist.
can't wait to get your hearts... have a lovely pedestal waiting...