February 01, 2007

Edibeth Farrington + Kathy Mack

Lots of photos to show, so will keep this text short and sweet. Lovely Hearts from encaustic artist Edibeth Farrington. Of course photos do nothing for this white surface, but trust me, they are gorgeous! Kathy Mack from one of my favorite blogs Pink Chalk studios sent this amazingly beautiful piece along to me yesterday - Pieced Heart #4. More hearts in flickr, more to come here. Off to catalog, these and more coming to the shop soon!


Anonymous said...

hey susan,
sweet blog.

Susan Schwake said...

thanks little livi - o, my lips hurt real bad...

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry susan.
i don't have time to bring you your chapstick.
i'm really busy.
just go borrow some from the nurse.
she has like 5 in her drawer.

delhidreams said...

hey susan,

nice blog
my first time here
will come again for sure

hope you'll visit delhidreams soon.