January 29, 2007

Raegan Russell

Raegan Russell has had work in our gallery before. I adore the textural layers and underlays of mystery that each piece she creates evokes. Shown here is one of her three "moths" for our lovely hearts exhibit. They are all monotypes and her words explain the idea of moths, love and symbolism contained there of:
The moth may be a symbol for love and the transformation of spirit that happens through love. The nocturnal flight of the moth, drawn to its beloved, the light, charts the territory of how we are drawn to each other, sometimes innately or blindly. I started drawing and painting moths into my work several years ago and they still creep into the imagery quite frequently. From an artist's standpoint they are a compelling image: beautiful and sensual, a flying creature-sometimes brightly colored-topped with a ridiculous furry little head.

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