January 30, 2007

Danny Mansmith + Pretty Darn Swell

Yesterday,the mail carrier was loaded down coming into artstream. Beautiful hearts flowing into the gallery and two flat envelopes from afar. One was completely constructed out of SCRAP mail and gorgeous stitching, the other was tiny and kraftpaper colored. The first was from Danny Mansmith - Chicago's premiere textile artist and the second was my little print from Pretty Darn Swell.
Inside of Danny's envelope (who cares? the outside was so beautiful!) was this little sewn paper flower and his paperwork for his upcoming exhibition at artstream in March. We are thrilled to show his work alongside another - soon to be mentioned - let me keep you in suspense for a little longer - sculptural artist. Inside the Pretty Darn Swell envelope was not only my print, but some postcards to send to friends and another postcard, of Wade and Lynn, masterminds behind the gallery. So that's what's on my desk at the moment. I just love mail.

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some pretty mail you got there, susan. Love your print, btw. :)