November 01, 2006

November 1

Camilla Engman image from design sponge
Where did the time go? Autumn is my favorite season - or at least August to November ... November 1 brings fun things though. New items in the design*sponge shop! This little print by the wonderful Camilla Engmen caught my eye and it is an affordable indulgence. New jewelry from Lily Devine coming to our little shop soon today too and beautiful photographs from Corey as well as her lovely "sachet" packets of emphemera French style... will be available on Friday both at our opening and online!

The word for the day is ... delight ... as in special lovely feelings about most anything which tickles your fancy!


boltandfrolic said...

oops- looks like you have pointed us to graphics firm, and the store in review is at


Susan Schwake said...

oops! well, yes, of course, slip of the keyboard. thanks for bringing it to my attention! boltandfrolic...what a great name!

Anonymous said...

Oooh...I'm definitely going to check out Corey's photographs at your shop!

Willie Baronet said...

Love this piece. :-)