April 01, 2006

Studio Saturday: Andrea Pratt

"The Secret Depths are Whisperless"
acrylic 20"x20"

Every week, I like to look around for an artist to interview. Andrea Pratt is a Canadian artist who has followed her dreams. Here is the interview I had with her this past week. If you know of an artist which you would like to appear here, please email me with their link. I hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit about Andrea as much as I have!

Q: What are your favorite mediums to work with?
A: I have always drawn and feel that I draw better than I paint, but when I went to university I became familiar with, and loved, oil paint. I'd never really painted before and loved the fact that I could push it around for hours before committing. What freedom! When I took up painting again a decade and a half later I had to make the decision of whether to use oil again or acrylic, as my budget and time limitations precluded me investing in both. Working in a badly-ventilated basement studio I realized that for health reasons I should probably invest in acrylics. It was quite a learning curve let me tell you! They are surprisingly different but I have come to love the fact that I can take a mixed media approach with acrylic that would be impossible with oil paint. Now I'm hooked.
Q: When did you realize that art was your path?
A: Grade two circle time. My teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up and Betsy Hagopian said to me, "Be an artist, Andrea." I realize now that I already thought of myself as an artist but that was the first time I'd been aware of the concept being something separate from me.
Q: What purpose do you feel art can play in your immediate world and perhaps
the larger world?
A: Since it is second nature for children to want to draw and "make pictures" I believe art-making and appreciation plays a far more important role in human development than we allow, and that neglecting art programs in schools is a tragedy. As an adult I have discovered that what compelled me as a child still compels me (art, music, playing, the outdoors), and neglecting these basic needs, as many adults do, is dangerous for our mental and societal health. I truly believe in the value of art therapy and think it is a neglected avenue (though growing) of serious psychological investigation/therapy.
Q: Who are your favorite artists?
A: My favourite artist of the past is Paul Klee. My favourite artist of the present is Christopher Griffin.
Q: If you were on a desert island, what art supplys (up to three) would you bring?
A: Canvas, paint and brushes (I know: BORING!)
Q: f you could be doing anything you wished in the field of art what would
you do? (or do differently than you are now)
A: My only wish is to be able to completely support myself financially on my painting.

Below is a photo of Andrea in her studio in Delta, British Columbia. Go for a spin around her site for more shots of her work, her complete bio and enjoy the ride. Andrea Pratt is going places!

The word for the day is ... dig ... as in your garden, for some beautiful object and spring cleaning!


andrea said...

Thanks, Susan. I linked you today, too.

Anonymous said...

Susan, I love your interviews... and I love to peek into other artists studios. so inspiring... Sweet that she knew in 2nd grade what she wanted to be. Artists often are just born that way it seems. Thanks again...

Laini Taylor said...

I love Andrea's paintings and her blog -- thanks for the opportunity to learn more about how she works. I really enjoyed the rest of your site, too, Susan. Thanks!

Brian the Mennonite said...

I'm proud to say that I've "known" Andrea for seven months now. I almost feel a little possessive. You're totally right when you say she's going places. I think I should buy some of her work now, before it becomes unaffordable.

ninjapoodles said...

What a great site. And regarding Andrea, I'd like to thank little Betsy from Grade 2--good call, Betsy!

I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my two (count 'em--TWO!) Andrea Pratt originals, and am just about losing bladder control for sheer excitement.

Keep up the good work, all.

Calvin said...

We love Andrea!!!