April 03, 2006

Art New England Review

Shiao-Ping Wang
"Koan" mixed media 24"x48"

At the end of 2005, artstream had a very special exhibition. OK ... I think they are all very special! This one however, spoke volumes as a group, as well as each individual's work standing alone. I try very hard in each exhibition to make a cohesive, compelling and moving statement as a whole - but I think this one worked a little better than any of the others last year. I am showing you my favorite painting of 2005 above - Koan by Shiao-Ping Wang. It is simply stunning.
Awhile back, I featured a snippet about Adam Pearson's sculptures from that same show here. Shiao-Ping Wang will be a featured artist here with an interview, at some point, so look out for her work! You can read about what I thought of the exhibition, Conversations, here at our site. You can read a very literate, fresh, hot-off-the-press review by Margaret McCann at Art New England here. The exhibition is the State Spotlight review for this issue. Thank you ,Margaret!

The word for the day is ... patience ... as it is a virtue, an acquired thing, and something we could all use a little more of.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely painting! I'm sure it's a stunner *in person*.

andrea said...

Stunning. How big is it?

Susan Schwake said...

24" by 48"
two squarepanels fixed together.
isn't it JUST?

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

This is just beautiful, and I would like to see more of this work. i stumbled on your blog and am impressed with all you bring together - at ArtStream too. I'll have to keep coming back and reading.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful piece ! I also looked through your own latest pieces and I love "Embrace" as well as the "Poppy" Series.One of my favorite flowers ! I adore the pod stage. Thanks ! { I have added your site in my links section, your blog is great ! }

Anonymous said...

The Art look like a quilt. Its so lovely. Patients, unfortunately I sometime have no patience in life. I want to do things there and then. I have to learn.