March 16, 2006

this is a portrait of my husband and I that we snapped in a small courtyard in Avignon, France

Art is everywhere

Where do you find it?

... tell me ...

The word of the day is ... open ... as in a new door, receptive to something different and vulnerable.


angela said...

life itself is art.

and usually it's the unexpected moments. much like this. between the shadows, the rocks and pebbles portraying fragments, we complete the entirety... which is art itself. the fragments and the entirey.

i think art is found in the simple things in life. and yes, defintiely in the unexpected moments in life.

absolutely lovely susan. and i love your definitions of the day!



Anonymous said...

This is lovely, I would never have thought to take a photo of our shadows on vacation. It tells such a story...

Anonymous said...

Art is everywhere. I take photos of things around me. its over at Monophotos on the top right corner of my blog.

Today I opened my arms to hug someone when i went to pick him up at the airport. ;*)

Sigruns German Garden said...

I like also to take photos from my shadow! Nice picture.
My daughter studys Art in Germany.