March 05, 2006

Superhero Sunday!

A huge thanks to Angela from omondieu! and Wundertuete for pointing me in the direction of Andrea's work from Superhero designs in San Francisco awhile back. I have been to San Francisco many, many times and feel that these beautiful, spirited necklaces embody the essence of the area. Each piece has a name, such as seaglass, passion, blue freeze, kiwi and champagne and such. They draw you in and make your memories stir.

The color palette, the craft(woman)manship and juicy appeal make these hard to choose from. Luckily, their cost allows you to have more than one look from this fun and funky line.
Andrea has a wonderful journal which I check everyday ... as well as tasteful teeshirts and beautiful photography. Her work is among some of the best I have seen. The fine quality of everything that seems to surround Superhero designs is what I think we are all striving for in life. A unique way of life - as in Andrea's words - to be our own superhero.

Be your own Superhero!

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