March 06, 2006

Emma Cassi
UK Jewelry Designer

With our upcoming art to wear/home design show at artstream, I have been on the prowl for all things stunning. On my journey I found this amazing designer who creates ultra romantic jewelry. She creates them from vintage French lace.
Her work is all done by hand one at a time, with vintage lace, glass beads, sequins, ribbons, tassels and trims. Stunning. Just take a browse through her website, Emma Cassi, if you haven't already seen her art. You can purchase the handmade items right from the site so they will be winging their way to you in no time. And just in time for spring - the season of love! Make sure you stop by her inspirations page too, it is full of surprising images, which, in their collage format, are informing the mood for my day - today!

The word for the day is ... elegant ... as in a swan's neck, a perfectly set table, and you wearing just the right accessory!


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

This link is so elegant! It is dreamy! Oh la la!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, these are amazing, she is so inventive. I bet you could dream up your own pair - if you could find some old vintage crochet pieces...