March 21, 2006

Show and Tell Tuesday again...

"Time" and "Time again"
mixed media on board
24"x 12"

Inspired by the INS and photos taken to prove to them that my German husband and I are a couple.
A couple of whats?

These were personal art pieces created with layers and layers of paint, papers from resturants we frequented both here and in Europe, prints from relief stamps I have made, and photo transfers of the photocopied pictures we had to send to the INS - all collaged into these two panels.

Sadly the internet and photos do nothing for this form of art work, but you get the idea ... we are a couple!

The word for the day is ... sociable ... as in Chloe's favorite spelling word, two friends over coffee, and how we feel when you drop by the gallery for a bit!


Anonymous said...

Susan, these are wonderful! I often wonder what one has to go through with the INS, the movie 'Greencard' seemed so stereo-typical... Was it difficult? Weird? or just another step on the road? Your work is breathtaking...

Susan Schwake said...

awh thanks ulla dear!
the INS makes the IRS look like
kindergarten! We were lucky because Rainer loves to read everything and is a stickler for details.
I am glad you like the panels! too bad the details don't show up well.