March 20, 2006

Cynthia Designs
beanies for girls

Getting ready here for the Art to Wear/Home Decor show on April 15th at artstream!
We are so excited ... These little beanies are the answer to your favorite girl NOT wearing those old baseball caps. Cute, but cool, hip yet still soft, they really are one of a kind. They come in every color and combination you can think of. They are $23. We can ship worldwide from artstream, so drop us a note if you want one. Each one made by Cynthia. Queen of cool in Dover, NH. Making statements all over the Seacoast. She is our poster child for the upcoming show. Each beanie comes with a coordinating fabric covered button right at the top of the head. They are fully self lined. The one on the left is cotton and cotton/lycra and the one on the right is silk and cotton.

Brooke and Chloe thought they were a lot of fun. Don't you?

The word for the day is ... opportunity ... as in don't miss it, a good old Joan Armadrading song and wait! ... do I hear it knocking?


angela said...

oh... any picture of chloe absolutely makes me smile. she's an absolute gem. both of your girls.

and joan armatrading. i haven't listened to her in much too long. must go dish that cd out... now.


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

My favorite singer!!
Those beanies remind me of the beanies we had to wear as freshmen in High school. Those these are sweeter in color!

Anonymous said...

opportunity... I had an opportunity to watch someone's day in court today. it was quite intimmidating.