March 01, 2006

Claudine Hellmuth
collage artist

Claudine Hellmuth is a collage artist who has created these whimsical creatures of her own design. Each one of her sketches are affordable original art works ($35!) and hold a sort of familiar mystery in the stories they tell. She has been around the block with her art a few times, it seems, finding
her way back and not being "stuck" in one particular mode and shifting gears to push her work further. She is inspired by tiny, tiny slices of life. I personally like segments of the snapshots of our memories. Taking something in our past and bringing it back to life in a creative manner.
She has had a lot of press this year including: Artist's Sketchbook Magazine, Dec 05, Guest on Diva Craft Lounge, Internet show, 2005, Claudine on Craft Lab! DIY Network show taping 2005, Guest on "HeartsART" internet radio show, 2005 and Somerset Studio Magazine, 2004. She has a fun blog, podcasts, inspires many in her workshops, does commisions if you ask her
to and has a lot of fun doing it all. She is true to her art and is diverse in her application. She holds workshops all over the place as well as taking a special workshop trip to Tuscany this April ... isn't that tempting? She has published two books and has an instructional DVD for sale at her web site as well. She is an illustrator and an artist who, in my opinion walks the line very well. And does what so few choose to do, live off of, and immerse themselves in their art everyday. We are looking at picking up her work at artstream in the very near future. Do come in and see a slice of Claudine's life in her collages.

The word for the day is ... adhere ... as in .... collage, to your values, and to your track in life!