March 02, 2006

Mihee Yeom
oil paintings
emerging artist

Mihee just graduated from UNH last June with her BFA. She took off to LA for the summer to spend it with her sister and then flew back east to start her MFA in New York. Mihee paints in a size which is not only large, but larger than herself most of the time. She is a diminutive person with explosive paintings. But at closer look ... this girl is larger than life in her passion for her paintings - so it all begins to fit.
Here is one of her smaller earlier paintings (3'x4') entitled Sake Tradition. Her sister visiting her mother in Korea sipping sake in an outdoor cafe.
Ritual. Light. Natural palette. This sold before we were able to hang it up.
The series below were entitled "Reflections I-IV" at 4' by 5'. Mihee explained in her artist statement that they were inward reflections instead of the stale outward compositions which were asked of the students to paint. It informed the rest of the body of work she completed in the following years for her BFA. They inspired many poems to be written about them in our Summer Artist to Poet Project ... Ekphrastic Art I and now inspire those whose homes they adorn. We are anxious to see what Mihee has accomplished in her first year of her masters studies. Until then, these paintings will linger in our minds with the exploding color, texture and technique from a much admired emerging artist. Keep watching ...

The word for the day is ... expand ... as your ideas, your vocabulary and your sense of wonder. (but not your waistline!)

1 comment:

angela said...

her work is beautiful susan.

i literally gasped when i opened your blog and saw this painting. that gasp that leaves you with an open heart, beating for more...

and expanding the wonder, the curiosity and the awe.

as i read on, i remembered her paintings that i had seen on the gallery website last year.

beautiful. this is definitely an expansion of beautiful.