March 18, 2006

Davis Studios

an inspired place setting
a beautiful table.

Mary Anne Davis (aka MAD)
a potter for 30 years is whipping up our order of seed and pod vases to debut here at artstream
next month. Mary Anne posted this on her own blog and when I saw it I thought that hmmm, can I actually wait for these to arrive.
She assured me that her porcelain was being cast and that she would send process photos in the studio. Which will be just perfect for the Show and Tell Tuesday! (and my jumpiness waiting to get the beautiful vases!)
Mary Anne is a potter who has been down the road and back having sold to Neiman
Marcus and being featured on their catalog cover to smaller shops like ours and never missing a beat. Her focus now is more on celebrating the small, special things in life - go see her work at davis studio site and her views at her modern table art blog. We both share a similar vision on art, the world and living. I am so pleased to have made her aquaintence here in the blogsphere. And we can not wait to see our new sculptural vases from her appear on our doorstep! You too, can design an entire set of tableware from her vast array of colors and patterns, making your table a true work of art as well.

The word for the day is ... savor ... as in a good cup of coffee, life in the everyday, and all that you already have.


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

"...colors and patterns, making your table a true work of art..."
I love this! And the silverware too!

Anonymous said...

I like the centerpiece all those polkadots and stripes.

Mary Anne Davis said...

Thanks for posting this Susan! Finally seeing it today--