March 13, 2006

... more inspiration...
Today in New England we have lovely spring like weather. I am very thankful for this. I love seeing my garden appear and the promise of the outdoor living area opening. It has been thawing and warming, in a way, we who live here almost forget after our frigid temps.
So this photo of course inspired me...
When I came across this fabulous tub I just had to share. Do you know Dutchtub? I didn't. But I would like to get to know them ... in my own back garden!

When you go browse their site you will see how easy it is to install one, take it with you, (they show one on top of a stationwagon).
It seems all you have to do is: 1. Fill it 2. Stoke the wood fire in the coil 3. Add friends!
This works for me .... how about you? Mmmmmmmmm. I can almost see it in my garden, in blue however though! It is sculpture and function all wrapped into one yummy package. Dive in!

The word for the day is ... thaw ... as in March in New England, your cold, cold heart, and those strawberries you picked awhile back.


Boxwood Cottage said...

Hi Susan,

thank you for commenting in my blog! Your blog is very inspirational too! Oh and how I envy you for the warm spring like weather while it's f freezing over here.

Mary Anne Davis said...

This looks positively yummy! I like the friend soup comment-

Anonymous said...

I have to find a house with a big enough back yard to fit that tub in. It would be great for the Not-so-cold winters we have here. I could imagine myself in there with a glass of bubblies.