March 13, 2006

"Rocket" by Erik Boettcher
32" x 42"
mixed media on board

Monday interview with the Artist
I spoke with Erik late last week about doing a quick interview with him and here are the results below. Erik is one of the four artists in our "Composite Memories" exhibit at artstream currently. This is his second show with us in the main gallery and we love what he does. For more information on Erik give us a shout at artstream.

AE: How did you get started in art?
EB: Paper plates and crayons--1969.What did you draw as a child? Buildings, Race cars, animals.

AE: When did you know you had talent and a craving to just do art?
EB: When I was a kid. I won a lot of awards for art back then. Same deal in High School and College.

AE:What media do you prefer to work in?
EB: Wood, metal & paint.

AE:Name three influences of your work?
EB: Greg Miller, Robert Rauschenberg, Jack Dangers

AE: How do you come up with themes?
EB: Not too sure. I guess whatever interests me, and if I can build a series from it.

AE: If you were on a desert island and could only take three art supplies, what would they be? EB: Don't know. Maybe I would just take up sand castle building, so sand shovels and such. Maybe a Doodle pro, and a wood carver's knife also.

How sensible! Thank you to Erik for the permission to use the image of Rocket.

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Anonymous said...

I just Love Erik's work...

I am thrilled to finally get to meet him later this month for dinner!

We have been talking over emails since June 21st 2005 when he sent me a comment about the Barracuda he saw in a post I made- that my husband's grandmother caught- STRANGE story I know... but no better one, to start off a great friendship...

He is an AMAZING artist!

Jane Wynn