February 26, 2006

Sunday Supplement

Davistudios and Mary Anne's beautiful blog

Just go and see what Mary Anne is all about.

Her porcelain is scrumptous and her taste in blogging right up my alley. Her work is available at Greenjeans in Brooklyn. It is both sculptural and functional. It is beautiful. It is also available at her website.

Our views are parallel on world peace and Macintosh as well. Take time to read her UN visit piece.

The word for the day is ... blanketed ... as curled up in bed, the snow outside our window today and covering your table with beautiful porcelain.


angela said...

very much in love with this. you know me and my porcelain fascination and collection. and this too, will definitely have to be added to the collection one day.

also just awed her dinnerware collection. the green of the udon bowls is beautiful. there's definitely a love affair happening between me and that shade of green.

very very lovely indeed. thanks for sharing susan...

and again, too much fun with your word of the day. i love the magic you have with words and finding the most beautiful definitions!


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

A tablesetting ready for mealtime. A place is set awaits activity. I like this image it stirs up and serves inspiration !

Susan Schwake said...

yes, it is a beautiful thing Davistudio ... we will have a set of sculptural vases this spring from MAD to kick off our carrying her beautiful line!
stay tuned ...