February 27, 2006

Who is that green faced woman?

Josh Belanger draws. He paints. Does he like this sketch? Not especially ... but I do. This scornful woman is in our design studio space at home to keep a discerning eye on Rainer and myself. I cajoled Josh into letting me buy this huge 5' by 5' charcoal and acrylic painting from him. She is elegant and haughty. With wonderful broad stroked lines for hair. She reminds us of how we could look to others if we are not careful. I love Josh's work. Rainer and I were married in our gallery and the exhibition at the time included Josh's work. They were all large scale drawings of his father from his senior thesis. They were beautiful. Lately some of his work is too violent for my weak heart and too far right on the political scale for me ... But not all of it. And I still have to look as he is really young and really good. He has the eye for the figure like Egon Schiele. I know he admires his work as well. He can make art like nobody's business. I admire his work and work ethic. He does a lot of commercial art for bands - covers, teeshirts, etc. - lately as well as his fine art. He has an amazing eye for line which I covet and to date the longest titles for his artwork which I have ever run across. So, to see more of his work, stop by his studio in Rollinsford, NH. Brace yourself! This is one bad boy. But underneath it lies a true, true artist of the finest, most natural kind. Here is one more shot of something he does like - just to be fair ... this piece is entitled "Cinquanta" 2003 aprx 50"x 70" charcoal, acrylics and watercolors, on Stonehenge.

The word for the day is ... reflect ... like a mirror, inwards or think about what you just said or did for a moment, please.

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