February 07, 2006

Rose Sielian Theriault paints. She paints and has painted for many years. Artichokes are one of her passions. This
watercolor painting is 22 by 30 inches and shows her intimate view of her dining room table. Today,Rose has a dozen dried artichokes in a shallow raku ware bowl on said table. Now, I love artichokes...and lemons too, but had never seen a dried one. She told me that she couldn't throw them out after painting them, as they dried so beautifully. She was right.
But I digress. This paintin
g is pure simplicity, elegant and calm. It speaks to me of a quiet moment in our hurried existance. Rose's paintings will do that to you. Slow you down, keep you thinking about the simple things in life, the things which matter. Her background is rich with education, she has inspired many to paint and create. Her own rigorous exhibition CV has inspired many to own a piece of quiet from this magnificent painter/printmaker. Her membership in the Ogunquit Art Association, the country's oldest art association and the NH Art Association has kept her busy producing work - along with galleries across the country. She currently has work on display at the Currier Museum in Manchester, NH. For more information about this painting or (ok I had to show you one of her etchings as they are so wonderful) etching below contact artstreamstudios.com.

The word for the day is:

ZEST! ... as in lemon peel, a passion for life and that special feeling you get when you have done something wonderful.

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angela said...

my first thoughts when i saw this painting, was both the surreal perspective, as the real perspective of this piece. this too is intimacy, as though there's a secret contained within.

and yes, simplicity, elegance and calm is what it evokes.

it plays wonderfully with the shadow and the light and how they enter the painting.

and zest. what a wonderful way of defining zest.