February 06, 2006

Contrasts, comparisons, and powerful images.

These are the photographs of Matthew Alexander Wyatt, (formerly MatthewEmerson). I met Matt three years ago at the ripe old age of 16. He has become one of my favorite photographers in the area. This work was taken in NYC, but he is a new 2nd semester student in Manchester, NH. He has been attending the Manchester Institute of Art, but happily is moving on to Chicago to study next year...good move. This boy needs a big city. The photo below is one of his self portraits.

Usually I don't want to put more than one image here, but I strongly feel that his best work is of the portrait. Infact, so strongly do I feel this that I will now urge you to push the emerging cool button in my links I like section to see the rest of his site. The images of people go right to their soul. The textural pieces are my second favorites with Matthew's work. Matthew also dabbles heavily in film. He swept the short film festival, (in the two catagories he could win in), which we held in November 05 , entitled filmstream. He is a man of many talents and we should keep our eye on him... great things are about to happen!

For more information about the above photograph - Iron Gate $150 matted please contact artstreamstudios.com.

The word for today is:

Patina ... as in rust, verdigris and a desireable second skin.

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Anonymous said...

A true master of his craft(s).