February 17, 2006

OK, what is this?

"Good Morning Sweetheart!(treasure)"
These are the funniest little tableware items that I have ever laid my eyes on. But is it art?
Going back six years to when I first went to Germany I saw them... the proper German word for them is frühstücksbrettchen ... breakfast board. We have no idea what they are in the USA.
That is because they do not exist. We do not eat off of cutting boards. Which really, these are not. They replace breakfast dishes. They come in the traditional wooden type and all kinds of laminate types. These are by far the frühstücksbrettchen (yes, I cut and pasted that word the second time as umlauts are hell) which most mimic art ... in a way. Sort of. Well, maybe not, but I just love mine. These were made by a design student at the University of Münster named Simone Hogrebe for her thesis project. I saw them at the student opening which exhibits their thesis and fell in love with eating breakfast all over again. The art of them all is what caught me. Elkedag is a Dutch word which means every day. Elkedag must have caught on as that was six years ago and she sells them to a variety of stores around Europe and on the internet at The Cedon Museum Shops and Details (wholesale)
Now, you may not enjoy eating your toast or brötchen on these as much as I do, but I had to show the artwork as it is very witty ... very useful ... and very much everyday. I will try and translate with the help of my husband the sayings on the boards. Of course, as you can well imagine some of the jokes don't translate. No problem. The pictures speak a thousand words - make up your own jokes! Have another cup and enjoy the moment at your table. Love life! Life is schöen. (beautiful)

"The morning after" (dare-devil)

^ "You rascal!" (didn't Amalie plant those gnomes in our brains everywhere?)

^ "The round peg in the rectangular hole"... nope that doesn't REALLY translate ... cute though.

^ This one is totally universal ... keep your sunny side UP! ...

^ "After every night there is a morning" ... hee hee hee

... and finally, my personal favorite below ... "These boards mean the world to me" ... boards in this useage mean the stage floor.

The word for today, (because it is Friday) is ... Footloose ... as in dancing, fancy free - and
... go have some fun!


angela said...

oh, i know these... and they are the perfect way to start any day with breakfast.

definitely the bestest "frühstücksbrettchen" i've ever seen.

a brilliant idea. fun, inspiring, playful.

i hadn't seen the gnome yet. i think i must get me a set of the gnome.

Emma said...

Oh, those are so much fun!